The Most Chic Wedding Venue in Texas

The Most Chic Wedding Venue in Texas

April 29, 2022 Texas Premarital Preparation Course TwogetherinTexas 0
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The Astorian

Discreetly designed by The Houston Historical Society, The Astorian is an industrial chic 14,000 square foot private loft venue located in the Heights area of Houston. Inspired by New York City’s admirable Grand Central Station, The Astorian is a throwback to 1920’s glamour and Art Deco design. This contemporary multi-level venue offers 14-foot ceilings, a fully functional gourmet kitchen and bar, and floor-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking views of downtown Houston. The Astorian is a go-to location for those looking to host functions up to 700 people.

Touches of wood paneling and soft lighting is combined with modern elements like stained concrete floors, rusted steel, and brushed aluminum keep the building’s rich artistic heritage. The Astorian has incorporated original pieces from the Cook Paint factory into the design as well as one-of-a-kind creations from one of the buildings original artists, Rafael Cueto. These unique details are listed below:

The Clock: A 12-foot functioning, gold and silver plated clock is mounted to the wall next to the raised lounge area. This clock was created using a multistep chemical antiquing process which traces its history to medieval artisans. The metal design was conceived through the geometry of division and proportion based on patterns and cycles occurring in nature.

The Mosaic: Assembled from over half a million individually placed “tesseras”, the Mosaic incorporates several ancient Roman tile laying techniques and is encrypted using the square of the circle (the same methods used to build ancient pyramids). The combination of granite, travertine, marble, jade, and serpentine creates a sweeping 35-foot loon motif across the bar floor.

The Skyline: The Astorian offers stunning panoramic views of the Houston Skyline with its numerous skyscrapers which illuminates the space and creates an ambience unique to the venue. For evening events, the sparkling downtown lights provide a glamourous and romantic cityscape backdrop.

This venue also offers two amenities for guests to relax, converse, and get dressed: the Soho Suite and the Lexington Lounge. To save time and money on your marriage license, take our Texas Premarital Online Course to improve your relationship and strengthen your marriage!


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