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Find out more about Dr. D’Arienzo, his wife, and what is included in the our premarital courses.

More Details about us and our TwogetherinTexas Premarital Education Program that is $29.97 per couple.

Twogether in Texas is a program in Texas with which Dr. D’Arienzo has partnered. This Texas premarital course is dedicated to improving the well-being of children by      ensuring that their current or future parents learn the necessary educational skills to parent. Our program is completely voluntary and is completely online as well. In our premarital course, Texas residents can find information about Texas premarital couples accessing marital, pre-marital, and relationship enhancement classes. Fortunately, all Texans are able to access these services online from D’Arienzo Psychological Group. There are zero eligibility requirements. Texas couples that complete 8 hours of pre-marital education through Dr. D’Arienzo’s online Texas premarital course are able to receive $60 off their marriage license state fee. Additionally, by taking our Texas premarital counseling course, you avoid the three day wait, meaning you can get married the same day that you complete your marriage application.

Dr. Justin D’Arienzo is a Florida Licensed Psychologist, Relationship Expert, and Qualified Forensic Examiner.

Facts about Premarital Programs and Courses:

Out of the 288,000 happy Texans who have taken similar premarital classes, 95% of Texas couples say they have learned skills to:

  • Improve their relationship
  • Increase their ability to communicate and share feelings
  • Understand and feel understood by their spouse
  • Disagree without fighting
  • Enhance relationships with children

Benefits of taking our online Texas premarital education course include:

  • Enhancing your communication and conflict resolution skills to enrich your relationship,
  • Learning the key components of a successful marriage,
  • Receiving a $60 discount on marriage license fees, and
  • Waiver of the 3-day waiting perio

Once you successfully complete the premarital education class, Dr. D’Arienzo and his office will issue you a certificate to present to your County Clerk to receive a $60 discount when you purchase your marriage license.