Twogether In Texas Certificate

Information about getting your Twogether in Texas Certificate

Our practice works with the state of Texas and their Twogether In Texas Program. We have gone through a lengthy review process to gain our qualification to provide this specific course to you in an online format. Once you have completed our entire Texas online premarital course you and your partner will take a final quiz together. Once you have completed the quiz, our office will be electronically notified immediately. Within one business day we will then log into the official Twogether In Texas Program website with the state of Texas. We input your name and your future spouse’s name as well as the Texas county where you completed the course. The state’s site then generates a unique certificate for you two that includes your registration number. Having this number indicates that you have been registered as completing the course with Texas. Any Texas clerk of court will then have record that you and your spouse have completed the course.

We receive your certificate immediately from the State of Texas, and will then email you an electronic copy of your official Twogether In Texas Premarital Program certificate.

We have been providing thousands of people around the US, including Texas, with online premarital education and official certificates. Our course is easy and fun, and receiving your certificate is process that we have mastered to ensure that you receive it quickly once you have completed the course.