Texas Premarital Online Video Course, $23.97 Per Couple. New Price!

Save $60 on your Texas Marriage License and Avoid the Three Day Wait by Taking our All Video Self Paced 8 Hour Premarital Course. It is Easy and Fun!

Texas Premarital Course, Twogether in Texas Instructions

Once you purchase the Texas Premarital Course for $23.97 through our e-commerce site, you will be given a password and the link to access our course


About Our Twogether in Texas Online Course and about Us

Nowhere else can you learn about each other and havinga a healthy relationship from a research based perspective in a fun, easy, and informative format while saving $60 dollars on your marriage license and avoding the three day wait!

Our Premarital Course was created by Dr. Justin D’Arienzo, former Military Psychologist and current  Civilian Psychologist and Relationship Expert LEARN MORE

Specific Texas County Savings

Although Texas counties charge various amounts for a Texas marriage license, you will always save $60 by taking our Texas Premarital Online Course


Getting Your Twogether in Texas Official Certificate

Once you have completed the 8 hour video course and the quiz, we will be immediately notified. We will then submit your names to the official TwogetherinTexas state website, generate an official and registered certificate for you, and then send it to you electronically within one business day. You will present this certifiate to the court house to receive your saving and to avoid the three day wait.


Find out more about Dr. D’Arienzo, his wife, and what is included in the our premarital courses.

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What Texans say about our TwogetherinTexas Online Premarital Course

As you can see, Texas residents love our Twogether in texas online Texas premarital course. No where else can you learn how to have a happy and fruitful marriage, improve communication, save money on your Texas marriage license, avoid the three day wait, and do it all completely online.

Twogetherintexas client

Chip M.

Dr. D’Arienzo’s course was so helpful for me and my new spouse. Learning to identify eachother’s emotional neesds sure seems to improve how we interact!

Twogetherintexas participant

Jane B.

Loved the TwogetherinTexas Course with D’Arienzo Psychological Group so much. Happy they are now in Texas too!

Twogetherintexas program client

Erika B.

After taking the premarital course I finally understand what the Myers Briggs really means and how to use it in my relationship with my new husband.

Twogetherintexas online course participant

George M.

Course was not too touchy feely for me yet touchy feely enough for my new bride. Thanks for offering your course!

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