Texas Premarital Course Benefits

Texas Premarital Course Benefits

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Twogether In Texas Premarital Program

What are the Texas Premarital Course benefits in addition to saving you $60 on your Texas marriage license and helping you to avoid the three day wait? Well there has actually been scientific research examining the benefits of participating in a premarital education course or a marriage education seminar such as our online TwogetherinTexas premarital course.

According to Ooms, 2005, taking a premarital education course, such as TwogetherinTexas, our Texas premarital course, is beneficial because it educates couples on marriage and helps couple’s acquire skills and behaviors needed to have successful marriages. The research that has been put into the premarital education course is proven to help couples have stronger, healthier and more successful marriages.

According to clinical psychologists and marriage counselors, positive and negative communication patterns, attitudes, and behaviors are associated with marital success and failure. Throughout our TwogetherinTexas course, couples will learn what healthy patterns are and how to change unhealthy patterns within their relationship. This will reduce dysfunctional patterns between couples.

This course also points out the importance of emotional intelligence. Neuroscientists found the areas of the brain that are responsible for feelings and emotions and identified the pathways linking them with the rational centers of the brain. This led to the concept that emotional intelligence fostering empathy, self-awareness, and self-control which are necessary for good marriages. Couples need to be there emotionally for one another and in our TwogetherinTexas course, we will teach you just that.

Researchers also found that females and males are wired differently and are socially constructed. Our TwogetherinTexas online program helps couples become aware of their gender and personality differences and improves mutual understanding and acceptance of one another. This also helps couples know where and how they each fit in the relationship.

Organizations such as the Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, believe that marriage education can save marriages and reduce child poverty and family breakdown. These are some of the reasons why organizations, like these, and marriage researcher’s support taking a premarital education course before getting married. Save your marriage or better prepare yourself for marriage by taking an online premarital education course such as our TwogetherinTexas Texas Premarital Course.

Source: Ooms, T. (2005) The New Kid on the Block: What Is Marriage Education and Does It Work? Center For Law and Social Policy. Couples and Marriage Series No. 7

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