Money & Marriage

Money & Marriage

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Welcome to Dr. D’Arienzo’s TwogetherinTexas Premarital Course! The course is virtually free for you based upon the big discount you will receive for your Texas marriage license by taking our $23.97 course, and you will avoid the three day wait.

We here at D’Arienzo Psychology are excited to help you take this next step toward marital happiness and success, and want to help deepen your relationship with your future spouse. Keep reading for Dr. D’Arienzo’s tips on Money and Marriage

Money is not directly the cause of strife in a relationship, but more so the lack of it as well as over-spending. It is imperative that each partner understands how they themselves view money as well as how their partner views money. When each partner has a different relationship with money, trouble often ensues. Time and time again it’s seen in therapy who does not appreciate their partner’s value of money. Often one person is a saver and the other is a spender. The best way for couples to handle the money issue is first for each person to talk about their view of money and then to create a budget.

In order to  minimize financial conflicts about money, partners should never ever keep financial secrets from the other. A relationship should be built upon trust and openness and this includes how we involve our partners with our finances. Finally, it is imperative that couples learn to live and spend within their means. You know you are living below or within your means if you are able to save a little and still have money left over at the end of each month.

Learn how to budget by following these tips on how to bring your spending under control:

Creating a budget is a necessary evil and generally requires three steps.

-They’re the only practical way to get a grip on your spending – and to make sure your money is being used the way you want it to be used.

– Identify how you’re spending money now.

– Evaluate your current spending and set goals that take into account your long-term financial objectives.

– Track your spending to make sure it stays within those guidelines.

Watch out for cash leakage.

-If withdrawals from the ATM machine evaporate from your pocket without apparent explanation, it’s time to keep better records. In general, if you find yourself returning to the ATM more than once a week or so, you need to examine where that cash is going.

Beware of luxuries dressed up as necessities.

-If your income doesn’t cover your costs, then some of your spending is probably for luxuries – even if you’ve been considering them to be filling a real need.

Tithe yourself.

-Aim to spend no more than 90 percent of your income. That way, you’ll have the other 10% left to save for your big-picture items.


Taking a premarital education course is vital for equipped couples to share a lifetime of marital bliss and happiness. D’Arienzo Psychology wants to help you prepare for your life together. Dr. Justin D’Arienzo is our Board-Certified Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Expert. Dr. D’Arienzo has serviced this course to couples since 2013. Hundreds of couples recommend our course and claim that it has helped set a solid foundation for marital success. Research suggests that couples who take a premarital preparation course gain an advantage over couples that do not take a premarital preparation course.

Dr. D’Arienzo wanted to develop a fully efficient, online, fully automated, fun premarital course that teaches couples how to work together. Dr. D’Arienzo has perfected all of our exercises and information to ensure that couples gain the knowledge they need.  He also offers this course to couples planning on tying the knot in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Minnesota.

Do you want to lead a happy marriage that lasts a lifetime? Do you want to have fun and gain inside knowledge about marriage from a leading psychologist? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our TwogetherinTexas Online Premarital Education Course is right for you! You can learn more about our Texas Online Premarital Preparation Course Here.


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