How to Identify a Narcissist

How to Identify a Narcissist

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How can you identify a narcissist? I’m a clinical psychologist named Dr. D’Arienzo. I’ll give five indicators that you could be interacting with a narcissist.

Receiving criticism: Even constructive criticism is too much for their flimsy self-esteem to take. Feedback appears to be an outright assault.

Losing Control: When they lose control of the events and people around them, they experience a sense of helplessness since it goes against their inflated self-image.

They need attention and praise, so when they are ignored or don’t receive what they believe they are due, they pout, become irritated, and become furious.

Exposure: In order to preserve their inflated self-image, they adopt a fake persona, but when their flaws or manipulations are revealed, they launch an assault.

When they lose a competition, they become angry, make excuses, and “file away” a major grudge because they believe they are better than others and feel inferior when they are defeated. Losing affects a narcissist personally.

Of course, we all possess some of these characteristics, but a narcissist would have them all to an extreme. Get expert assistance if it describes you or the person you are in a relationship with.

The following are some examples of narcissism’s clinical symptoms, according to the DSM-V-TR:

  • Grandiosity (fantasy or conduct) and a desire for adulation, as well as a lack of empathy, are widespread patterns that start by early adulthood, as shown by at least five of the following:
  • A inflated perception of one’s own significance (exaggerates accomplishments, expects to be seen as superior without achieving the accomplishments, etc.)
  • Obsession with idealized visions of power, intelligence, prosperity, beauty, or perfect love.
  • A conviction that they are “special” and should only interact with similarly special individuals (or institutions).
    necessitate overwhelming awe.
  • Possess a sense of entitlement, such as an irrational expectation of being treated well or having expectations met).
  • Is exploitative and uses others to further their own goals.
  • Lacks empathy and is unable to relate to others’ needs.
  • Frequently harbor envy for others or think that others harbor envy for them.
  • Display snobbish, cocky actions and attitudes.

Evaluation of long-term patterns of functioning is necessary for the diagnosis of NPD as well as other personality disorders. The diagnosis is undoubtedly overused and over spoken of in today’s society. A psychologist or psychiatrist should be the only ones to make the diagnosis.

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