Houston Texas Premarital Course TwogetherinTexas

Houston Texas Premarital Course TwogetherinTexas

October 21, 2020 Texas Premarital Preparation Course TwogetherinTexas 0

Welcome to the Official Houston, Texas Premarital Preparation Course!

Be sure to check out the best wedding venues that we have

hand-selected for you down below.

Why Our Houston, Texas Premarital Course Is So Awesome

Hi, my name is Dr. Justin D’Arienzo.  I am a board-certified clinical psychologist and relationship expert. Welcome to our fully online Houston Texas premarital course. We have been helping couples smoothly transition into marriage through our course since 2013. We have streamlined this process to make it easy and enjoyable for you and your partner. This course will give you insight into marital topics like communication, personality styles, sex, and finances. According to research, taking a premarital preparation course increases your chances of marital success. Not only that, you will receive $60.00 off your Texas marriage license and avoid the three-day wait to get married. Our course will bring you closer, fall deeper in love, and prepare you for a lifetime of marital bliss.

Purchase Course Here

Yes, it is this easy:

  1. Purchase our course through our secure portal for only $29.97. You should purchase one course per couple.
  2. Upon purchase, we will instantly send you a link and password to access your course. Our course takes eight hours to complete and is self-paced.
  3. At the end of the course, you will have an easy questionnaire to complete with your partner.
  4. Upon completion, our system notifies us that you have finished your course quiz. We immediately begin processing your premarital certificate with 24 business hours. We will then email you with a unique certificate and registration number.
  5. If you finish within our business hours, you will receive a same-day certificate.
  6. Take your certificate and registration number to your local Houston, Texas courthouse to enjoy $60.00 off your Texas marriage license.
  1. For more information, check out our Texas Premarital blog or the Official Course  Information Page.


Sheraton Houston Brookhollow Hotel- Houston, Texas

House of Blues Houston- Houston, Texas 

    Houston Texas Premarital Course

AvantGarden- Houston, Texas

Twogether in texas

The Gallery-Houston, Texas 

Texas Premarital Course

Bell Tower on 34th – Houston, Texas 

Houston Twogetherintexas course





Best Wedding Venues in Houston, Texas

Sheraton Houston Brookhollow Hotel- Houston, Texas


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